Using the right words to best communicate the message

I love music, the sound of each separate note and how they are empowered when they sound together in a chord.

But music without a written message to communicate is not as powerful for me. Something very important is missing. 

Instrumental music is a journey of the senses that stimulates the nervous system and transmits emotions in a very subjective way that is not easy to describe … but a song WITH LYRICS stimulates my heart and my emotions in a different way because it makes the brain process each word and takes me to a much more specific setting and context. 

 A happy melody cannot go along with depressing lyrics and melancholic music cannot go with cheerful lyrics. There must be a consistency for a song to be a good song.

An easy way to test your song is to play the music, without lyrics and then the lyrics without music and check if both lead to feeling the same emotion …

When they do, the MAGIC happens and that song is loaded with  twice the emotion!  

I LOVE to laugh at things and at myself, and take life very seriously and am also very passionate,  for that reason I love to explore the emotions that move me the most.

Being in  love, an unexpected heartbreak, unrequited love, desire, hope, contained anger, betrayal, fear, the search for happiness, the way in which the years and what I have lived change me. All These are relevant topics for me.

I like to imagine my self into all sorts of situations, even those I still have not live, or may never live.

When you are empathetic and observant there are many experiences that it is not necessary to live in order to feel the emotion and be able to express how I would feel if I was in that situation.

I like to get into “other people’s life experiences”  to see how I would feel in their shoes.

It is like living many lives in one!


I am always happy to record at a studio of your choosing.  I can be available for a live session within 24 hours.

Please contact me to discuss travel arrangements if you are interested in having me record at your facility.



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