Recording Medical Papers, Trainings and E-learnings

I am a real all-rounder voice-over talent.

Variety is the spice of life and it is what keeps me passionate about this amazing voice recording job.

I can be recording a sensual voice-over for a high-end perfume TV commercial, and then switch to an informative tone for a medical video presentation, where I portray a doctor talking about the the side effects of a drug.

Recording medical instructional videos is challenging.

I need to be really attentive to EVERY technicality, EVERY subtle piece of information and EVERY symbol, because the purpose of the recording is not to “entertain” but rather to give facts about a significant matter, addressed in a polite but yet formal tone.

Scientific projects are enthralling.

Unwittingly, my brain stores more information that I am really aware of.

*Sometimes I am flabbergasted by how much I have retained about a particular.subject after a recording session.

The brain is WONDERFUL and it keeps surprising me every day!


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