During the pandemic, I had the opportunity to work on a very fun project for Meetic, (Match.com) an online dating company. I was hired to voice a podcast that addressed the topic of isolation and how it was affecting people who were looking for a partner, as well as those who were in a relationship but were forced to be separated.

Meetic has always had a creative and innovative approach in its advertising campaigns, so when they offered me the job, I was excited to embark on this new adventure. It was very rewarding for me, as I enjoyed narrating the texts they provided me with, which kept me entertained during the confinement, and I also knew that my work could help many people adapt to the new reality of isolation and find ways to cope with the situation a little better.


The podcast production was handled by the Parisian podcast production company STUDIO OCHENTA, and the podcast consists of 15 short episodes of a couple of minutes each, in which I talk about various topics related to love and human relationships in a fun and entertaining way, just like me! Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about the advertising campaign, I invite you to read some of the press and marketing articles that I shared earlier. I’m very happy to be an online voice-over artist because, from my studio, I can contribute to creating inspiring and meaningful content about information, love, and human relationships.


The first link is an article from La Publicidad, a Spanish advertising and marketing news website. The article discusses the launch of Meetic’s new podcast, called “Amor y Cuarentena” (Love and Quarantine), The podcast addresses various topics related to love, dating, and relationships, and aims to provide support and guidance to people who are looking for a partner during the pandemic.


The second link is an article from Interactiva Digital, a Spanish website specializing in digital marketing news. The article also discusses Meetic’s new podcast “Amor y Cuarentena,”  as a tool to help people who are confined to their homes due to the pandemic to continue their search for love . The podcast is part of Meetic’s overall marketing strategy, which aims to connect with its target audience and provide them with valuable content that is relevant to their needs and interests.


Joanna Rubio

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