I’m really happy with my  Locutora Virtual podcast!

Creating content for an entertainment podcast has been a very enriching experience, but it has also required a lot of effort and dedication. However, all the extra work is rewarded because I’m getting a very positive response from my audience. I chose the character of a Virtual Voiceover to bring life and personality to my episodes. Thanks to this character, my ideas and thoughts come to life in an authentic and attractive way for my listeners, which is the key to the success of my podcast. I’m very proud of the result.

Today, I bring you the program Chat GPT – Sex, Lies, and Videotapes.

Chat GPT is a type of Artificial Intelligence language model that has become increasingly sophisticated and capable of generating human-like responses to text prompts. While this technology has many useful applications, there is concern that it could eventually replace human workers in many industries, including voice-over work, customer service, and content creation. This has led to fears about potential job losses and economic disruption. Additionally, there is also concern about the ethical implications of AI language models like Chat GPT, such as the potential for generating fake news, propaganda, or deepfakes. As a result, Chat GPT is creating havoc and causing widespread social panic in many industries.

In this program, we talk about the topic of Chat GPT and how it’s causing widespread social panic in all industries because it seems like it could end up taking over all professions on the planet. We discuss the uses of Artificial Intelligence in all sectors and also make light of the topic to lighten the mood. In my professional voice-over industry, it’s causing a lot of disagreements and panic attacks. Let me tell you more…


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