Let me teach you how to use ABLETON LIVE 11

I love ALL music production software.

I started working in the music business and my first “love” was Logic Audio. It used to be called LOGIC AUDIO when it was developed by a company called Emagic.

Then, Apple bought it and it was renamed Logic Studio Pro.

Over the years and since computers have conquered analogue recording systems, I’ve tried all kinds of sequencers (DAWS)… to see what they had to offer.

My preferred programs are Logic and Pro Tools, but I must say that there are many other virtual recording studio programs that are just as professional.

A few months ago, I was hired by ABLETON to narrate some videos for one of their training courses for LIVE.

It was very cool because it helped me discovering a SUPER intuitive and very professional digital recording program I had not tried before despite the fact that many of my DJ friends have been using it for years.


Here are some fo the amazing features of Ableton Live 11 

  1. Comping: This new feature allows users to quickly and easily create the perfect take from multiple recordings. Users can choose the best parts of each take and combine them into a single perfect performance.

  2. MPE support: Ableton Live 11 now supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) which enables users to control multiple parameters of a note, including pitch, timbre, and vibrato, all at once.

  3. Tempo Following: With tempo following, Ableton Live 11 can now adapt to changes in the tempo of a live performance or DJ set. This is particularly useful for performers who need to adjust their tempo on the fly.

  4. Hybrid Reverb: Ableton Live 11 introduces a new hybrid reverb that combines convolution and algorithmic processing. The result is a unique and versatile reverb that can be used on a wide range of sounds and instruments.

  5. Spectral Time: This new audio effect allows users to transform sound in a unique and creative way by freezing individual frequencies and manipulating them independently.

  6. MPE instrument and effects: Ableton Live 11 comes with a set of new MPE-ready instruments and effects that take full advantage of the new MPE support.

  7. Improved comping and editing workflow: Ableton Live 11 has made improvements to the editing and comping workflow, including the ability to link tracks, improved crossfading, and new keyboard shortcuts.

  8. Visualizations: Ableton Live 11 features new visualizations that help users better understand the structure of their music, including the ability to view the arrangement timeline in different ways.


After the training program I must say that I like ABLETON LIVE very much because of how easy and intuitive it was to use, how fast I could set up a recording session and how fun it was to work with loop sequences.

So, once I finished recording the tutorial, I decided to download the trial version of LIVE to try working with it myself.

Highly recommended.Give it a go if you haven’t yet!

Enjoy and make some wonderful music tracks!


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I work as an SESSION VOICE OVER and record remotely via ISDN, Session Link, Skype, SourceConnect, Zoom, Google Meet and ipDTL.

I am always happy to record at a studio of your choosing.  I can be available for a live session within 24 hours.

Please contact me to discuss travel arrangements if you are interested in having me record at your facility.



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